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The weirdest thing is that people talk about “coming out” as if it’s this big momentous thing that only happens once while in actual fact it’s something that you do almost every single day every time you talk to a new person every time you’re in a new situation you’re constantly weighing your options, the ability to be your true self vs the advantages of being a false self and honestly it’s so fucking exhausting






Who the fuck named the Sahara Desert anyway

Sahara is just the Arabic word for “deserts”

You fucking named it the Desert Desert

way to fucking go

chai tea

I’ll take “European Imperialists Who Never Bothered To Translate The Local Languages” for $200, Alex.

"Soviet" means "union"
The Union Union

We’re good at this.

I’m just gonna add that this is actually common cross-culturally but English is especially grammatically inclined to do so. Like if any group asks the other a place-name it’s easy to say “river” because that’s what they call it daily… It’s also common for ethnic labels like the “Inuit people” to literally be “people people” or “original people people.” If the Inuit call themselves Inuit and a respectable (not horrifyingly pejorative) label is to be used in English/others who are we to say that “Inuit” as an adjective is egregious when we lack a term? English in general requires systematic additions of features like Sahara /desert/ or Mississippi /river/. Both of these in their full names are natively labelled “big desert/river” but how long until an English speaker specifies “the Mississippi” by adding River? And “translating the local language” lends no better alternatives because usually THATS THE TERM THEY USE. I guess Europeans could have just made up an adjective like “Northern desert” or used the incredibly confusing original term “big desert” but I I think I would be more comfortable using an actual term even with the redundancy rather than erasing pre-contact terms.

Tl;Dr This happens all the time when a name or borrowed cultural term suddenly needs specificity in a receiving language and when you actually look at the local term seems like the best option and maintains a glint of the historic label. (at least for place/ethnic names, not sure about chai there)

BONUS: This is sometimes called pleonasm or tautological naming. 

Torpenhow Hill is  (disputably and probably erroneously) referred to mean “Hill hill hill hill”.

Saaremaa Island is a hilarious mix of such language-tautologies and “folk-etymology” in which English falsely labeled its own term island as from the French root “isle (island)” (rendering it “island-land”). Thus Saaremaa (also coincidentally literally “island land”) means “island land island land” which makes absolutely zero sense.

Petition to make an alternate Scott Pilgrim movie/plot where all the major characters are queer and actually written complexly.

(I was SO CLOSE to fully enjoying every second of the movie, and then it just sort of nose-dives into straight angst/fantasy that doesn’t resolve itself healthily. Also why have queer characters when you make them either “a phase,” “there for male pleasure/sex noises” or “haha the gays stole your boyfriend!”. At least they were shown to have sex lives, but what is this early 2000’s (90’s?) shit in my almost queer [and almost amazing] movies)

Just stop saying "tranny" you fucking douche bags



If you’re not trans, it really is that simple.

I’ve seen that link sharing RuPaul’s opinion (and other prominent gay figures) far too many times by gay men. I’m so sick of it. I keep saying this, if this was about “faggot”, we would have been done with this 5 years ago. No questions asked.

It feels like a lot of cis gay men are forgetting that being asked to stop using a slur is not an indictment of your personal transphobia (though I think that someone’s continued use of a slur they’ve been told is hurtful just for the fuck of it speaks volumes to that). It’s just asking us to be more responsible and careful, to the most marginalized and vulnerable group in the LGBT alphabet soup. What kind of person refuses that?

I have to talk about this RuPaul thing because it really gets under my skin, especially because I see so many cis gay men defending RuPaul in order to keep using transphobic slurs themselves. Go look at Carmen Carrera’s facebook right now and see how disgusting it is.

Let’s be clear: 1) RuPaul doesn’t have a right to profit off of slurs that aren’t about him, and 2) his doing so is promoting transphobia among his fans whether that is his intention or not. 

A lot of this seems to come up in the context of the argument that RuPaul has earned a right to use slurs that don’t apply to him because being a prominent drag queen means he’s doing a lot for trans inclusion. RuPaul’s dubious historic contributions to trans equality that I see so many cis gay men talking about (if they in fact exist) do not immunize him from doing better. Even if RuPaul had every trans person’s blessing to use slurs in his private life and private thoughts, as a public figure making public commodities, the calculus must be different.

Why? Because a cis gay boy singing RuPaul’s song “Tranny Chaser” doesn’t have that same context. It trivializes and normalizes that word, which is understood as a verbal dagger to so many people it directly impacts on, for precisely the people who already don’t see a problem in using it carelessly. RuPaul, if he is a real ally to the trans community, has a responsibility not to give ammunition to cis gay men trying to “clock” a transwoman for her failure to conform to their idea of passing by making it seem like that it is a harmless act. A pioneer of presenting genderfuck drag to the world at large should understand that any true ally of the trans community has a responsibility to disrupt, not promote, gender policing like that. His actions derogate from this responsibility, and he should own up to it instead of digging in his heels and shirking it further.

The fact is that on this issue RuPaul is a hypocrite. RuPaul’s latest screed demonstrates the whole bone he has to pick with this is that he feels it’s people trying to control him. He couches it as being about those “other people” who want to feel victimized and are living out Animal Farm, but it’s all about protecting his ego from the idea that he has been fucking up. It’s not hard to apologize and stop using harmful slurs, yet he’d rather do what he knows will promote transphobia among his audience. And this, in the context of all that pop psychological, anti-egotism, everybody-say-love bullshit he spews is absolutely nonsense. The obstinate refusal to learn and grow is his ego run amok; it has nothing to do with anyone else. People, trans and not, are asking RuPaul not to do things he has been told on several occasions actually cause pain (i.e., which are violent), and all he can do is lash out and double-down because it’s more important to him to use a slur because he wants to. With allies like that, who needs an enemy?

The thing is, RuPaul’s Drag Race has always been super problematic. There’s no end of racism, sexism, transphobia, femmephobia,* etc. on that show. And RuPaul is under no obligation to be anyone’s ally or champion any cause—even if it makes sense, like not being actually fucking violent towards trans people does. But you can’t say you’re an ally while you’re making crazy money off of slurs and the defense of slurs. I mean, look at the impact it’s having—all these actually transphobic, cis gay men are online harassing and threatening transwomen because they feel empowered to do so by Mama Ru. The proof that RuPaul’s actions are wrong in this situation is in the pudding, and I really hope he comes to realize that and owns up to it. 

*I know, how can a show that’s all about fish be femmephobic—I’m just as puzzled as you are why every queen seems to think being called a bottom is an insult, but there you have it.

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